Global Black Impact Summit

Global Black Impact Summit – GBIS powered by Black Impact Foundation, organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions will be a platform to establish a community of role models, positive and influential black people and impactful leaders driving equal opportunities and strengthening the black community around the world. The summit will also be the global center of empowering, uplifting, and creating better opportunities for the black community and will be focusing on health, wellness, financial literacy & investment, education, employment and entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, civic engagement and leadership.

The kick-off event marked the official start of the Global Black Impact Summit that will take place virtually on 8th December, 2021. The panel discussion will cover topics on entrepreneurship, education, woman & youth empowerment at kick-off event.
It also gives opportunity to share the black community’s achievements, talents, innovations, initiatives, case studies, and creativity. This summit is the ultimate gathering of global black leaders ready to collaborate to make better progress towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all black people across the world.


To create a cohesive global black community where black people are empowered to take control and improve the quality of their lives, assert their value, and be protected from exploitation while building their capacity for social economic independence and social responsibility.


To empower, build, protect, sustain and further develop an inclusive and equal society through the summit focusing on black community worldwide. To build a cohesive global black community and to provide opportunity to reach a better quality of life through our platform and global partnership.

  • By establishing a global network of people and partners in Sport, Education, Healthcare, Culture, Media, Sustainable development, Businesses, Funds and Industries
  • By empowering their talents, characters and competencies aimed at self-development and financial literacy
  • By increasing motivation through clear profiling of role models and community achievements
  • By increasing involvement and participation in educational, social and business opportunities
  • By expressing commitment to the society at large and contributing to achieve equality and justice.
  • By monitoring the development through scientific research and support parents, volunteers and professionals who have a positive impact on the well-being of our youth.
Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf

Chairman of Black impact Foundation

“We stand for an inclusive world vision in which black people are equally predestined to achieve great things. This is about equal opportunities, self and mutual respect, spirituality and about creating a world that will give our children and grandchildren a level playing field. The world will benefit even more from a prosperous Global Black community”