Theme of The Summit in 2022

Global Black Impact Summit – GBIS will be the most comprehensive summit for global leaders, international black leaders, entrepreneurs, startups, business owners, professionals, investors, educators, talents / students and stakeholders committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in global black community.


“In order for change to occur we need to Unite and build the Global Black Community” 

  • We are already what and who we want to be
  • We celebrate black excellence and make them visible to empower our youth
  • We connect black platforms and create opportunities for black talents
  • We challenge and clean up the current outdated systems


  • ((Digital) access to information (prevention, education, healthy lifestyle, sports, tools etc.)
  • Tap into the transformational power of technology innovations and create value
  • Invest in accessible black educational institutions (e.g., medical, technology)
  • Invest in creating our own DNA database based on black culture DNA.
  • Educate and work together with NGOs with a needs- and solution-oriented approach


  • Inspire, stimulate, support and coach young black athletes and entertainers
  • Build bridges/ stimulate black ownership in sport- and entertainment franchises
  • Create (job) opportunities by building black sports and entertainment industry
  • Social responsibility; sport as a vehicle for impactful social community projects


  • Discover and invest in new markets – through our own global network
  • The necessity of a Black Investment Fund
  • Engage, develop and connect black entrepreneur’s (platforms) for international trading opportunities (African Energy Chamber) taking our own decisions and living our narrative
  • How can more educational programs/ employment/ scholarships/ internships opportunities be created for black talents
  • How to work together with NGOs to achieve better quality of life
  • Equality and the power of women


Earth at night was holding in human hands. Earth day. Energy saving concept, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

What Can You Expect From The Summit?

  • Becoming aware about a illuminated vision and mission that will change the game the black people have played till now.
  • Build global community network
  • Identify & share the best practices (identify the black communities pain points and points of strength to start specific research and case studies for future workshops and conferences)
  • Generate innovative ideas & share resources
  • Involve in education and business opportunities (check what is inside parenthesis)
  • Educational sessions and mentoring opportunities (discuss to educate about black history and related healing process related to the ancestors)

Who Attend?

The professionals who present at and attend the summit come from around the world and range from:

  • Global leaders
  • Celebrities
  • International organizations
  • NGOs & NPOs
  • Chief diversity officers
  • Human resources
  • Global brands
  • Entrepreneurs / startups
  • Investors / banks
  • Government officials
  • Students
  • Educators, and more.
  • Young talented people or leaders
  • Professionals of any specialties of relevance

Why Attend?

Global Black Impact Summit – GBIS will convene global black leaders and is uniquely important gathering featuring keynote speech, presentations, panel discussions, workshops, startup pitching session, and more. The summit will also foster collaboration among global Black communities and universities for the purpose of enhancing Black community life and therefore the overall society. Key benefits will be:

  • To fully embrace the Vision for the shared interest and the need to be interconnected
  • To acknowledge that a conscious healing process needs to start in order to progress
  • To find your most valuable business connections, in-person & online
  • To discover the latest trends in global black community
  • To meet global black community leaders
  • To access global black community network
  • To identify & share the best practices
  • To generate innovative ideas & share resources
  • To involve in education and business opportunities for global black community
  • To educational sessions and mentoring opportunities
  • To learn about black people and community’s achievement and opportunities
  • To empower the talents and unlock the possibilities and their full potential