Thando Magumise

SpecialityFounder & CD, Ntombi Couture Dubai, Co-Founder, Africa Fashionweek Middle East

Thando Magumise, a trailblazing entrepreneur in couture fashion, has established herself as a prominent figure in the UAE market. Her brand, Ntombi Couture, stands out not only for its opulent designs but also for its unique fusion of African influences and the diversity of the UAE fashion industry. Inspired by a deep sense of African pride, Thando and her team at Ntombi Couture have created a brand ethos that celebrates the vibrant colors and rich cultures of the African continent.

Thando emphasizes the importance of tenacity and consistency for creatives seeking growth across cultural lines. She believes that daily efforts, no matter how small, contribute to long-term success, and flexibility in offering products that can be adopted across cultures is crucial.

Ntombi Couture distinguishes itself by developing an unmistakable aesthetic, focusing on highlighting elements that clients love about themselves. Recent projects include dressing celebrities like Zahira Marty for the Oscars and collaborating with Urban Zulu and Remy Martin for AFWME, where Major League DJs and Thuto the Human were adorned in their creations.

As a co-founder of Africa Fashion Week Middle East (AFWME), Thando played a pivotal role in creating a platform for African designers to showcase their unique offerings in the Middle Eastern market. AFWME, held at DIFC in Dubai, not only promotes African creatives but also fosters collaboration with diverse communities in the city.

When not immersed in the world of fashion, Thando cherishes her time with family and friends. She acknowledges the pivotal role of a supportive network, crediting her success to family, friends, clients, and colleagues.

Beyond fashion, Thando is involved in a philanthropic venture, working with women-led rural artisanal communities in Southern Africa. This endeavor focuses on empowering women and has resulted in positive changes for these communities.

Thando’s advice for creatives emphasizes mastering their unique offerings, being confident in their value, and understanding their “big why” as key drivers for consistency. She encourages a continuous pursuit of learning and growth.

As Thando continues to bloom season after season, she hopes to leave a legacy for her children—one that inspires them to relentlessly pursue their dreams, find purpose, and contribute positively to others.