Sara Rehane

SpecialityFounder of AFRICA FC, World Cup Senior Manager, FIFA

Sara is the dynamic force behind AFRICA FC, a thriving Instagram community that challenges and transcends the traditional narratives surrounding African football. Rather than focusing on clichéd images of barefoot children playing on rugged fields, Sara’s platform celebrates the continent’s rich football heritage, showcasing the remarkable achievements of African players in premier leagues worldwide, the infectious enthusiasm of its fans, and the deeply-rooted football traditions that span across the continent landscapes.

Beyond her passion project, Sara works as a World Cup Senior Manager at FIFA, she boasts a decade of experience orchestrating World Cups and prestigious football tournaments on a global scale. In Sara’s view, success in the football industry is not just about strategy and skill. It necessitates an open mind, the collaboration of a diverse team, a robust professional foundation, and above all, an unwavering passion for a sport that knows no boundaries and bridges every divide.