Ruqaya Kalla

SpecialityEntrepreneur, Mentor, and Holistic Well-being Advocate

Ruqaya Kalla is a dedicated wife, loving mother of five, and a multifaceted entrepreneur with a passion for holistic well-being. With a rich background in import-export trading, logistics, and mentorship, Ruqaya seamlessly integrates her expertise with a deep commitment to guiding individuals towards their best selves, both professionally and personally.
*Professional Journey: Drawing from her extensive experience in import-export trading and logistics, Ruqaya has established herself as a respected entrepreneur in the global market. Her ventures exemplify her strategic acumen and dedication to excellence, serving as a testament to her unwavering commitment to success.

*Mentorship and Coaching: As a mentor and coach, Ruqaya is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. Her holistic approach to mentorship encompasses not only professional guidance but also support for mental wellness and nurturing healthy business and family relationships. Through her mentorship, Ruqaya fosters an environment where individuals can thrive and grow, both personally and professionally.

*Advocate for Holistic Well-being: Ruqaya’s passion for holistic well-being extends beyond her professional endeavors. She is a staunch advocate for mental wellness, recognizing the importance of integrating mind, body, and spirit/soul to achieve one’s best self. Through her coaching, Ruqaya helps individuals tap into their inner potential and find balance in all aspects of their lives.

*Lifelong Learning and Growth: Ruqaya’s journey is marked by a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. She has studied numerous modalities and techniques aimed at enhancing well-being and personal development. By continually expanding her knowledge and skills, Ruqaya remains at the forefront of her field, offering innovative solutions to those she mentors and coaches.