KJ Moody, a renowned fashion stylist, will speak at the upcoming Global Black Impact (GBIS) summit in Dubai on February 27. As a force in creative fashion, KJ Moody’s participation adds a unique and vibrant dimension to the summit.

His exceptional journey and transformative impact in the world of fashion align seamlessly with GBIS’s commitment to showcasing the multifaceted excellence within the Black community.

The Global Black Impact Summit, hosted by Black Impact Foundation and organized by Energy Capital and Power, is an annual event that seeks to celebrate the achievements of the Black community, promote excellence, and explore untapped potential across various fields. This year’s summit – taking place on February 27, 2024, in Dubai – is set to be a transformative experience, featuring influential speakers, engaging panel discussions, and networking opportunities that empower attendees to reach new heights.

Moody’s journey in the world of fashion began in his formative years, where he discovered his passion for the industry. His ascent started with apprenticeships under various celebrity stylists, laying the foundation for a remarkable solo career. Moody’s approach to fashion is deeply rooted in his commitment to forging personal connections with his clients.

By fostering an environment where individual expression is celebrated, he encouraged his clients to embrace their unique styles comfortably. His impactful work has graced the pages of renowned publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair and more.

Today, Moody stands as the creative force behind the styles of esteemed celebrities, including Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Normani. Noteworthy among his recent accomplishments is co-styling Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour and assuming the lead as the stylist for the SS23 Dolce and Gabbana show.

At GBIS 2024, Moody is set to share his insights into the dynamic world of fashion, offering a glimpse into his journey, creative process and the power of personal style. Participants can anticipate an engaging session that not only explores the intricacies of the fashion industry but also delves into the impact of personal expression and individuality through style. Moody’s unique blend of experience and passion is poised to contribute meaningfully to the event, inspiring attendees to embrace their authentic selves through the transformative power of fashion.