There is a need for inspirational leaders who can guide the global Black community during times of crisis, Bermuda’s Minister of Economy and Labor Jason Hayward stated during the opening of Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) on February 27 in Dubai.

Delivering the opening remarks, Minister Hayward emphasized the importance of collective progress, stating, “True liberation and empowerment can only be achieved through collective progress. We must find a way to uplift the entire community.”

The government of Bermuda has taken proactive measures to tackle systemic challenges, with Minister Hayward citing concrete examples such as the significant reduction in youth unemployment from 33% to 11%. The administration has also been committed to increasing social and labor protections, implementing minimum wage laws, and making strategic investments in housing and healthcare.

“These efforts reflect Bermuda’s steadfast dedication to fostering inclusive growth and prosperity for all its citizens, especially within the Black community,” explained Minister Hayward.

Reflecting on his leadership journey, Minister Hayward shared key lessons learned, including the importance of leading from the front, establishing clear visions, and building highly motivated teams. He emphasized the need to trust team members and focus on continuous development while upholding principles.

“Together, let us rise, let us celebrate. It is not just a dream; it is a reality. Let us never lose sight of justice and equality”, concluded Minister Hayward.

Clarence Seedorf, Chairman of the Black Impact Foundation – host of GBIS 2024 -, echoed Minister Hayward’s sentiments, stressing the significance of excellence within the global Black community.

He emphasized the need to bring back collective value, stating, “We create our own platform and share it to the next generation. That is the blueprint that has made us successful, but we need to work together.”