The Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) 2024 convened in Dubai on February 27, uniting influential voices from across the globe to celebrate leadership and innovation within the Black community under the theme “Black Excellence: Unleashing the Unexplored Potential for Global Unity.” Organized by the Black Impact Foundation and Energy Capital and Power, with a lead sponsorship by Afreximbank, the summit aimed to foster diversity, establish enduring partnerships, and ignite inspiration among the younger generation.

Minister of Economy and Labor Jason Hayward of Bermuda inaugurated the summit with a message centered on collective progress, emphasizing the importance of uplifting the entire community. Clarence Seedorf, Chairman of the Black Impact Foundation, underscored the need for unity and Black excellence in his welcome remarks.

The event featured panel discussions spanning various sectors of the economy, including finance, sports, fashion, energy, and entrepreneurship. These sessions highlighted the challenges and opportunities faced by the Black community worldwide, emphasizing themes of perseverance, determination, and collaboration.

At the gala dinner, British-Congolese comedian Eddie Kadi served as the MC, presiding over an award ceremony that honored black leaders. NJ Ayuk, chairman of the African Energy Chamber, received the Trailblazer Award for his visionary leadership in the energy sector. Sabrina Ben Salmi, transformative mentor, was honored with the Visionary Award for her groundbreaking contributions to family and personal development. Amadou Gallo Fall, President of the Basketball Africa League, received the Impact Award for his pivotal role in basketball and youth development in Africa. Former professional basketball player Luol Deng was awarded the Legacy Award.

GBIS concluded with an auction of artworks by American artist Sage Gallon, accompanied by a live performance. The auction aimed to raise funds for the Black Impact Foundation.

Clarence Seedorf expressed his optimism for the future of Black excellence, stating, “GBIS serves as a transformative tool to convey our message and inspire future generations of black leaders; the diversity among speakers and attendees is a testament to our collective strength.”

GBIS stands as a platform to celebrate achievements, foster connections, and promote equality within the global Black community. Through inspiring discussions and recognizing exemplary individuals, the summit reaffirmed the commitment to advancing Black excellence and leadership worldwide.