The Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) is pleased to confirm Dr. Obari Cartman, President of the Chicago Association of Black Psychologists, as a speaker during this year’s event, which will be held on February 27 in Dubai. A writer, therapist, photographer, and grassroots mental health advocate, Dr. Cartman’s participation is poised to showcase his indelible contributions to mental health programs in the U.S.

Having served as a professor of psychology at Georgia State University and the Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies at Northwestern University, Dr. Cartman’s MANifest curriculum is currently used in juvenile detention centers, schools, and community settings.

Additionally, Dr. Cartman’s work as a trauma-focused clinician and restorative justice practitioner at the Chicago-based HELP mental health clinic facilitates good mental health development and treatment, racial and cultural identity workshops, and health counseling, as well as psychological consultation, and educational support for children, youths, and adults.

In 2015, Dr. Cartman released his first book, Lady’s Man: Conversations for Young Black Men about Relationships and Manhood – addressing historical trauma in Black men, hip-hop culture in the U.S., emotional intelligence, intimacy, communication, and purpose –, which serves as a critical thinking guide to help young men successfully navigate the world we live in today.

Taking place under the theme, Black Excellence: Unleashing the Unexplored Potential for Global Unity, this year’s summit promises high-level insights into Black mental health and social development. Delegates at GBIS 2024 can expect insightful discussions, multifaceted presentations, and nuanced dialogues that promote excellence and untapped growth to unite our global community.

Global Black Impact Summit 2024

The GBIS is an annual event that seeks to celebrate the achievements of the Black community, promote excellence, and explore untapped potential across various fields. This year’s summit, taking place on February 27 in Dubai, is set to be a transformative experience, featuring influential speakers, engaging panel discussions, and networking opportunities that empower attendees to reach new heights.

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